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Fight For Justice

We never give up in our battle to get justice for you or those close to your heart. When you need a strong fighter who won't quit, there is no one better than Sean. 

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Best Case Stratergy

To achieve the best results, it takes a blend of resourcefulness, creativity, insightfulness, and solid legal expertise. We excel at crafting winning case strategies for our clients. 

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Experienced Attorney

There isn't anything that can replace experience. We have more than two years of experience dealing with criminal law cases and we are excited to share that with you. 

Practice Areas

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Criminal Defense Representation

Experienced criminal defense lawyer dedicated to upholding your rights and providing a strong defense against criminal charges.

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Are you facing accusations of DWI or DWAI in New York? We have the knowledge and skills to zealously advocate for you if you or your loved one is facing DWI or DWAI charges. With a proven track record of success, we offer unparalleled DWI legal representation and defense strategies that win results. Whether it be challenging the initial stop or going to trial, let us fight tirelessly to minimize the consequences and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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Family Violence

We understand the emotional toll that family violence cases can bring to all parties involved. We excel in handling cases related to any form of family violence, whether it be domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, or violations of a family protective order. We are dedicated to fighting for justice and protecting the rights of our clients during these complex and sensitive matters.

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If you or a loved one is currently facing charges of aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or any other criminal offense, be reassured that we have the experience to provide a strong defense in your time of need.

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Traffic Tickets

We provide expert legal representation to swiftly dismiss or reduce traffic tickets.

The man holding the gun in his hand behind his back. Illegal possession of weapons

Gun Possession Charges

Facing gun possession charges in New York? Learn about the legal framework, potential penalties, and how to build a strong defense strategy. Visit our main page on Possession of Guns Charges to find out more.

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Narcotics and Drug Possession

Drug or narcotics possession charges are unfortunately quite common, bringing immense challenges to both individuals and families. Whether the charges range from misdemeanors to major felonies, we are prepared to provide strong defense for you or a loved one to beat the charges.

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Robbery & Theft

We offer defense for robbery and theft cases. If you're dealing with theft, whether it be robbery or burglary we can give the guidance and defense to help avoid conviction for such charge.

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White Collar Crimes

Facing white collar crime charges? Trust our experienced attorney in Suffolk County, NY to achieve the best outcome for your case.

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Sex Crimes

Charged with a sex crime in Suffolk or Nassau County, NY? Contact Attorney Sean Imran for expert, compassionate defense to protect your rights and future.

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Juvenile Offenses

If your child is facing charges for a juvenile offense in Suffolk or Nassau County, New York, obtaining expert legal representation is crucial. 

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If you or your loved one is facing murder charges in New York, contact us immidiately for a free confidential consultation. 

Honest, Reliable, and Experienced

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Integrity is at the core of our work

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Commitment to excellence in all of our casework

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We show up, stay committed, and turn over every stone

What does a Long Island Criminal Lawyer Do?

Your protection from crime depends on how good your lawyer is at explaining and showing your case. This needs a lawyer who has the skills, past work history and strength to win against crime charges in Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Furthermore, a strong criminal defense needs deep understanding of the law and how it fits to your situation. You need someone who really cares about you and your family. Winning a case against crime also needs the skill to fight hard for your rights both inside and outside of court.

Remember to check qualifications before hiring a lawyer for your case. It's important. A Long Island crime lawyer needs to know the details of your case and think about what you should do.

The right criminal attorney will:

1) Know about lawyers, court rules and procedures in courts of Long Island.
2) Talk with people who want to prosecute you.
3) Help kids and their parents in cases of young people charged with doing wrong things in Suffolk County and Nassau County.
4) Talk to all the people who saw what happened, whether they are for or against the person on trial.
5) Do a complete search of all the facts in the case.
6) Know about different sentencing options.
7) Tell you what choices are there.
8) Tell you what to expect in the courtroom if your case is taken to trial.
9) Help keep your mood positive and always maintain the
highest professional standards.

Lawyer Sean Imran has worked in different areas including handling assault defense cases and DWI cases, as well as helping clients tackle worse charges through his work as a former public defender lawyer. He also deals with medical license protection matters.

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Do You Need a Long Island Lawyer for Criminal Defense?

If you are arrested or charged with a crime on Long Island, New York, your charges could lead to months or maybe years of jail. You might also owe fines and surcharges from court plus put under supervision called 'probation'. Even a small mistake can lead to big problems. You might also face other consequences like losing your work and struggle to get another job in the future. You may lose your driver's licence, can't rent a home and have a criminal record forever. Any kind of criminal history can spoil your future. This is very true for young people who are charged as juveniles. Even if the charges get sealed later, a criminal conviction can lead to unknown long-term consequences.

You need a lawyer like Sean Imran who understands the consequences that a charge can have on the future of individuals who are charged with crimes regardless of age. We have helped clients avoid getting a publicly visible conviction or charge record by making sure that the court records are properly sealed.

If you are someone who is charged with a crime you must seek assistance by calling us immidiately so we can discuss how to avoid a criminal record that could potentially haunt you forever. As a former public defender we have successfully avoided pleas and made sure that there is no public criminal record of clients when possible. Contant us to see if your record is eligible for sealing. 

Hiring a good and strong Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer is your best way to get a fair defense. The best attorney for crime defense in Suffolk County and Nassau County's key role is to be your leader, friend, guardian and strongest supporter. Because your freedom is at stake, picking a lawyer is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. If you've been charged for doing something wrong, don't hesitate to call us now. Our phone number is (631) 533-2233.

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About Law Firm of Sean Imran

Welcome to the Law Firm of Sean Imran, located in Suffolk County, NY.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the law, our firm offers  criminal defense. We place great emphasis on our attention to detail, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of our clients.

Are you in need of legal representation in Suffolk County, NY? Look no further than the Law Firm of Sean Imran. Our experienced attorney is dedicated to providing top-notch legal services for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're facing criminal, DWI/DWAI, Domestic Violence charges , we're here to help. Trust the Law Firm of Sean Imran for all your legal needs in Suffolk County.

Sean Imran, Esq. is a skilled criminal defense attorney with extensive trial experience. Graduating with honors from the University of Houston, he obtained his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. After serving as a Judicial Law Clerk extern at the United States Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida, Sean began his practice as a public defender before transitioning to private practice. With a focus on personalized representation, he is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients, particularly in criminal defense cases. If you are facing criminal charges, we urge you to reach out to us immediately.

With a strong background in media cases and media trial experience, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of such cases effectively. Furthermore, our experience as a former public defender at the Legal Aid Society has given us a unique perspective on defending clients in criminal cases. This exposure has allowed us to build relationships with various judges and prosecutors in different courtrooms, providing us with valuable insights into their strategies and thinking processes.

We are honored to have achieved successful defense outcomes for licensed professionals, including nurses, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, actors, models, athletes, personal trainers and other licensed providers, in high-stakes criminal cases. Our extensive expertise in these matters uniquely situates us to comprehend the potential consequences and challenges that you may encounter. 

If you find yourself at risk of losing your professional license or facing other high-stakes jeopardy, we strongly encourage you to take action and contact us without delay. We are here to provide the dedicated and skilled legal assistance you need during this difficult time.

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Personable, Accessible, and Trusted

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We always hold our clients in the highest regard

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Even during stormy waters, we remain calm and level headed

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We provide total availability, making you feel like family

Suffolk County Criminal Defense Process

It can be very scary and uncomfortable to go through a criminal trial. It can also make you wonder what will happen in the end. New York is tough on crime. So, it's key to know how a criminal case works.

The person who defends you in court against criminal charges is very important at each part of the trial. Talk to a good lawyer if you're caught in New York or think maybe someone is looking into doing something wrong. Here is a quick overview of the key steps involved in a criminal case: 

Search - Police often do a search before they catch someone. Before the police catch you, they need to think strongly that you did something illegal. The cops might talk to you during their investigation.

Arrest - Even if the police think they have a good reason to arrest you, they might not have all the proof needed to make sure it's correct. Getting caught can be scary for the person in trouble. The Police will try to get you to say things that make you guilty quickly after they arrest you. The police might think you did something wrong, or they wouldn't have put you in jail. Once you're arrested, the only thing to say is "I want my lawyer."

Arraignment - You will be brought in front of a judge soon after you get arrested. Now, you will say if you are guilty (most times it's not) and ask for a jury trial. At this time, the rules for getting out of jail before trial will also be decided. The US legal system needs that the court hearing comes after a report and discussion by US Pretrial Services Agency.

Discovery - The prosecution builds their case against you in the discovery phase. Your lawyer who helps with crime is also putting together your defense. Your lawyer needs to check the good points of the accusers and try finding out as much as they can about their case.

Pre-Trial Motions - Your lawyer might be able to file papers that help keep out proof or what you said against you. After listening to hearings about each motion before the trial, the judge will make decisions on many motions. Your lawyer will go to these hearings and conferences for you. This might lead the prosecution to drop the charges against you, stopping a trial from happening.

Plea Bargaining - Trials are often not safe and usually do not help the defendant. You will decide if you want a trial, but your lawyer that defends you will guide by telling about any dangers and results. They'll tell what they think is best for your case too. Your lawyer that defends you can also help talk for a deal so trial is avoided. This happens if they get less serious charges or other ways of punishment instead.

Trial - If the case goes to trial, then those who accuse will present their witnesses and proof. Your lawyer that helps when you're in trouble with the law will question witnesses. They can also argue about evidence as needed.Your defense lawyer can also have people testify or show proof after the accuser's case ends. In court, the prosecution must show all parts of wrongdoing without a doubt to everyone on the jury. If the prosecutor who is trying to convict you can't prove their case, then you are free.

Appeal - If you are found guilty, you have the right to ask a higher court for help. This is not a new trial. But, your lawyer needs to show any mistake made during the trial. It's urgent to act fast because you might only have 10-30 days to appeal. This depends on if it's in federal or state court and what rules apply for your case.

It's really important to talk with an experienced lawyer if you are facing charges for breaking the law. A good lawyer can possibly help you keep your rights and freedom safe. Criminal lawyer Sean Imran has a lot of experience and helped many people deal with their crime cases. Call us now at (631) 533-2233 to set up an appointment.

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Have a Question? We are here to help. If you have any questions about your legal rights and how the Law Firm of Sean Imran can help, call us right away. Your legal rights are too important to trust anyone who is not a former public defender. Here are the answers to questions we get asked often.

What type of cases do you handle?

Our law firm handles a wide range of cases, including criminal defense, personal injury, family law, and more. Contact us to discuss your specific legal needs.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we offer free initial consultations for potential clients. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your case with our experienced attorneys and learn about your legal options.

How much do your legal services cost?

Our fees vary depending on the type of case and the complexity of the legal matter. We offer transparent pricing, and we will discuss our fees with you during the initial consultation.

What Are the Steps to Hiring a Private Defense Lawyer?

Your defense lawyer is the person you're going to rely on and trust, even for your freedom. Protecting against crimes isn't just about knowing the rules of criminal law, but also understanding how they affect your case.

When you are looking for the right criminal lawyer to represent you, you want to consider these factors:

● What experience in local criminal defense does the lawyer have? In cases of crime, having experience is very important. Your lawyer needs to know the players on Long Island, understand the laws and the judges. Your lawyer should also learn how this will affect your legal problem. This type of experience will help your lawyer create plans that can greatly affect how well your case does. 
Public defending experience is key. As someone who is a former public defender of Suffolk County, your lawyer would already have the experience of handling a case like yours and it is very possible that they would be knowledgeable about the defense strategies that have worked before in a case or not. Having practiced in close proximity with the local judges  they would be familiar with the local judge's decisions that non-public defender lawyers might not. With an experience of a public defender who has regularly attended court and seen how the judges and prosecutors think can make or break your representation in the court.

● What is the lawyer's reputation? It can be hard to check this, but a good first step is reading online reviews. Search for detailed reviews obviously written by people who have used that lawyer.

● How does the lawyer talk to others? When hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County, talking is very important. If the lawyer speaks respectfully and simply, you can understand that they will be able to tell what needs saying in court. They'll also change such complicated words into everyday language so it makes sense for everyone. It's just as important to have a good lawyer who can tell your story well. If you can't reach the lawyer, then your worries and doubts are left unresolved. Public defender experience is key as public defenders having the experience of handling many cases are fimiliar with the prosecuting strategies and talking points of the prosecutors.  

●Proximity is important. You want a local lawyer who knows the courts in Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County. A former public defender lawyer knows how local judges and district attorneys manage their cases.

What is Prosecutorial Discretion?

A good Long Island lawyer who deals with crime knows how much power the prosecutors trying to prove you did something wrong might have in your case. The person who brings cases to court will decide a lot about whether you get charged or not. They have discretion.  Is community service enough for the punishment?  Probation better than jail? Straight Dismissal? Adjourn in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACOD/ACD)? A good criminal defense lawyer will know how the evidence can work for or against you, what choices are available to you and they'll show those options in ways that help your best interests. This could happen even before charges related to crimes have been filed. Sean Imran is a very experienced LI Criminal Lawyer. He knows how prosecutors make choices in Long Island's Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Why Is Sean Imran the Best Lawyer to Represent You?

Sean Imran, Esq. works hard to defend people from the criminal system. He used to work as a public defender and he knows what people need when they have to defend themselves against the system - prosecutors, police, and government agencies. This system mainly aims at getting accused guilty in court.

For many years, he has been a Long Island crime lawyer. He strongly defended his clients against criminal charges in State courts. He has a special mix of talent, knowledge and strong support to give his clients the best protection they can get. Sean is also liked in court and outside of it. In the courtroom, he is very strong. But to his clients, always kind and calming which helps in getting them the best possible results.

Sean Imran has over 2 years of experience in: 

* Defending hundreds of people facing charges from New York State on Long Island

* DWI/DUI Defense

* Sealing Criminal Convictions

Sean Imran, Esq. helps people who are accused of felonies, misdemeanors and violations in Suffolk County, Nassau County and everywhere in New York City.

He used to be a public defender and is now an accomplished Long Island Criminal Lawyer. He gives good, smart defense for people charged with crimes using his experience. His friends and people who charge others with crimes show him respect. They think he is good at getting the best results for his clients. As a skilled Long Island courtroom lawyer who has protected clients in Suffolk County that were accused of crimes like breaking traffic rules to even causing death due to drunk driving. Mr. Imran has a mix of skills, experience and hard work that nobody else can match.

If you need help from a Long Island Criminal Lawyer, call the law office.

I've been accused of a crime, is my reputation damaged?

No! This is usually the main problem for any client. Society's view of us matters a lot. We will show you that just because someone is accused of a crime, it doesn't mean they did anything wrong. We understand how important it is for our client's to keep their reputation safe.  Our top priority for our client's is their reputation and freedom. We have many successful ways to ensure to keep them both safe.

Why is it Crucial to Hire a Local Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Selecting a Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney who understands the local landscape is crucial. Being familiar with the local prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers is an essential advantage in the battle for justice. In Suffolk and Nassau County, the criminal justice system operates with unique personalities and political agendas. Effectively defending against local criminal charges requires not only legal expertise, but also navigating conflicting interests in a way that maximizes the client's chances of success. When facing criminal charges, a skilled former public defender Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer is your best bet.

Are you facing a DWI charge and feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to handle the situation?

The key to successfully navigating a DWI case is to secure the services of an experienced Suffolk County DWI lawyer who has a proven track record of achieving positive outcomes. This cannot be emphasized enough. DWI law is complex and requires specialized knowledge and familiarity with the specific prosecutors, judges, and court resources involved. Only an attorney who focuses on defending those accused of DWI will have the expertise to guide you toward the best possible resolution. Carefully research and select a lawyer who has a strong background in this area of law. We take great pride in our ability to negotiate reduced charges and secure dismissals through motions or trial when necessary.

Should I submit to a Breathalyzer Test?

The decision to submit to a breath test can be complicated. It hinges on various factors that need to be carefully considered. What is your alcohol intake prior to driving? What type and quantity of alcohol did you consume? Were you stopped for a traffic violation, involved in an accident, or stopped at a police checkpoint? Have you had any previous arrests for DUI? Has your license ever been suspended in the past five years for any reason? Regardless of your choice to submit or refuse the test, I will work closely with you to develop a customized approach that will help resolve your case favorably and get you back on the road as soon as possible. During initial conversation with a new client, we make it a point to have them answer the aforementioned questions. This allows us to effectively plan the next steps to advance their case in a favorable direction. We take great pride in our ability to promptly establish a roadmap for success at the start of our partnership. This decisiveness invariably alleviates our client's anxieties and instills a sense of optimism regarding the ultimate resolution of their case.

Meet Criminal Attorney Sean  Imran, Best Suffolk County Lawyer

Photo of a top lawyer Sean Imran, Esq.

Sean Imran, Esq.

Sean Imran, Esq. has dedicated his law firm to protecting the rights of individuals who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.  He regularly goes toe-to-toe with law enforcement officers and criminal prosecutors. 


As part of his experience as a public defender in Suffolk County, he has strongly fought for his clients in the State courts facing DWI, theft, sex, drug and other crimes. Lawyer Sean Imran can also with sealing past criminal convictions.

Throughout his years of work, he consistently fights aggressively to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client.


Former Suffolk County Public Defender

As a former Public Defender in Suffolk, while defending the public he witnessed first-hand how the criminal justice  system can use its power against people who aren’t in a position to defend themselves. He knows from experience how the system can trap people who are accused of a crime. It was in this capacity that he recognized his skills could be best utilized in aiding those facing criminal charges.

Call us now at 631-533-2233 to discuss your criminal case.

Criminal Lawyer Suffolk County 

Sean Imran, being an exceptional criminal lawyer in Suffolk County, knows that when dealing with criminal charges, it is crucial to hire a good lawyer. Hence, his law firm focuses on aggressive advocacy for his clients. Our Criminal Lawyer of Suffolk County law firm provides legal representation designed to address the specific needs of each client. We understand that each case is unique. Sean Imran personally represents each client and works closely from the beginning of the case until its end to achieve the best possible outcome. If you need a top-rated lawyer for criminal defense in Suffolk County, Long Island, or NYC, our Suffolk criminal lawyers will be glad to help.

Google Reviews

I am so lucky that I called Sean. He is genuine. I love about the fact that he likes to keep it real with you which I believe everyone appreciates. Does what he says. Man of his word. He’s also very result oriented. In my case, I’d say that he went above and beyond to get the outcome I was looking for. Really top-notch lawyer. Elite ethics, morals, and highly competent. His initial consultations are free so call now if you are serious about your or your loved one’s life. Can’t thank him enough for being the lawyer that he is. Honest and Genuine. 👍💯 💪🏽

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Dom C

Dom C

4 weeks ago

Excellent lawyer. Experienced, honest, and smart. He understands the system. He answered all of my questions and was available throughout the legal process. Got the perfect result for my case. He is my go to attorney from now on. I highly recommend him.

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2 months ago

Devar Kasturiratne

Devar Kasturiratne

2 months ago

Asdruball Lorenzo

Asdruball Lorenzo

2 months ago

Excellent attorney. Knows what he is doing. He is trial experienced former public defender. He analyzed my case inside out and provided with all plausible scenarios of the outcome of my case. I was satisfied with the outcome. I recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch criminal defense lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial.

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Joe G

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